Faceposer Test Using MaxofS2D's Method

12 ago 2011
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It's harder than it looks. No automatic phoneme extraction. Just blended poses.
Here's where I got (stole) the idea:

  • Scout FTW babeh!

    Gay boi.Gay boi.8 anni fa
  • Using HWM makes stuff more realistic but it is harder to use

    NonhumanNonhuman9 anni fa
  • Im soo happy everyone is using Scout, My favourite character, in their videos :DD

    [Insert Username Here][Insert Username Here]9 anni fa
  • @ike4584 That's the real him.

    frogjedi4frogjedi49 anni fa
  • @ike4584 he commented to lots of people AND its a contest i think so stfu :)

    Bjartur MortensenBjartur Mortensen9 anni fa
  • @MaxOfS2D Nonono ok anyone on youtube who is famous on youtube never comments on videos. you sir a are a are a fake. :o

    Captain FarrellCaptain Farrell9 anni fa
  • That looked pretty good! Beside the, yaknow, pause there haha

    TopShoyuTopShoyu9 anni fa
  • @MaxOfS2D Indeed.

    Jesse CromeenesJesse Cromeenes9 anni fa