Team Fortress 2: The Music Meister [Testing In Engine]

27 ago 2011
7 088 visualizzazioni

This is the first test of some of the animations in the movie I hope to finish. Forgive the screwed up sound timing. The sound was added after the video was recorded.
Here the link to the original video:
Programs used:
3DS Max 2012
Sony Vegas 6.0
Music is:
The Music Meister from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

  • BRo did that scout just stare at you before u went to ur console?!

    SmitemoSmitemo2 mesi fa
  • 2020 is the worst

    lisa barrflolisa barrflo11 mesi fa
  • The Music Maister !!!!!!!! 🤠

    Hupo muxHupo muxAnno fa
  • the green arrow one was the best.

    Darth ScytherDarth Scyther8 anni fa
  • :( that sucks man. Still can't wait for it :D

    MrFunxyMrFunxy8 anni fa
  • Will like fav + subscribe!

    MrFunxyMrFunxy8 anni fa

    MrFunxyMrFunxy8 anni fa
  • wow, the end OO D':

    Even457Even4578 anni fa
  • Unfortunately, Valve updated something to do with the SDK and deleted every file I didn't have backed up in the "sourcesdk_content" folder. So, yeah. I'm kind of behind now.

    TheDashingDoctorKTheDashingDoctorK8 anni fa
  • SO where is the finished product?

    Civ3 AntmanCiv3 Antman8 anni fa
  • THE MUSIC MEI-*dies*

    Neppu TennouboshiNeppu Tennouboshi9 anni fa
  • holy crap I can NOT wait for this!!

    LockeLocke9 anni fa
    • Me too

      n / an / a10 mesi fa
  • @SureFreeD2 This was made before I added lip-syncing to the others. It's all done, now.

    TheDashingDoctorKTheDashingDoctorK9 anni fa
    • Sooo when's it coming out?

      n / an / a10 mesi fa
  • I can't wait! :D

    grimAuxiliatrixgrimAuxiliatrix9 anni fa
  • Cant wait for the video!

    iconicfruitbasketiconicfruitbasket9 anni fa