[SFM] Isabelle Has a Message for Her Enemies

12 gen 2019
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Isabelle's not messing around.
*Thought I might as well upload the uncompressed GIF to ITworlds in case anyone
wanted to see it in [HIGH QUALITY].

  • mighty isabelle

  • I can hear the demons starts begging for their lives... And yet it's too late.

    jon khristian levi ramirojon khristian levi ramiro6 giorni fa
  • This got in my recommendations. And she's gonna bring her little friend. (you know what I meant.)

    jon khristian levi ramirojon khristian levi ramiro6 giorni fa
  • Trinston was here...

    Trinston MichaelsTrinston Michaels8 giorni fa
  • Ow.

    FoxlyticalFoxlytical8 giorni fa
  • Who else thought she was about to pull out a shotgun or a chainsaw?!

    Mister KaosMister Kaos14 giorni fa

    v4mp_ k1dv4mp_ k1d17 giorni fa
  • FEAR *HEAVY BREATHING* *START CRYING* OH GODD!!!!!! GODDD SAVVVEEE ME Oh wait I'm not a demon I am the doom slayer ISABELLE WHERE THEY AT while loading shotgun

    Isaac CadieuxIsaac Cadieux20 giorni fa
  • Hey there Izzy 999

    Silver Fox 888Silver Fox 88821 giorno fa
  • You can go to 5 or 6 stores, or just one

    Criminal GamingCriminal Gaming21 giorno fa
  • Aww

    Alec's gaming corner mobileAlec's gaming corner mobile24 giorni fa
  • that animation is so good!

    ꧁CeCe ꧂꧁CeCe ꧂Mese fa
  • Alright since she has the same name as me might as well send this to my enemies...

    PxstelloxoPxstelloxoMese fa
  • Somehow everytime i think about her when im in bed and i go to sleep she pops up in my dreams

    dan the EEE mandan the EEE manMese fa
  • Nicely animated

    Coral FruitCoral FruitMese fa
  • Man that is adorable not ganna lie

    dan the EEE mandan the EEE manMese fa
  • 0-0

    •.Lunar.• UWU•.Lunar.• UWUMese fa
  • *muffled BGF division starts playing in the distance*

    ha, thats funnyha, thats funnyMese fa
  • She dont need to fight. All she need to do is stand there and look adorable. :3

    Moriah MorganMoriah MorganMese fa
  • Remember when we all thought this is how new horizons would look like?

    Mika CatEarsMika CatEars2 mesi fa
  • Nice.

    imsupermemedude plays YTimsupermemedude plays YT2 mesi fa
  • Me and

    Грозный дибел с винтовкойГрозный дибел с винтовкой2 mesi fa
  • Doomguy: you are doing nice Club penguin moderator: lol domgui has ben baned

    Jonas RomeroJonas Romero2 mesi fa
  • At this point why would you hate her

    Keith AngKeith Ang3 mesi fa
  • I need to read comments to appreiciate the video

    HatwoxHatwox3 mesi fa
  • Isabelle's enemy after watching: *oh no*

    sleepy sheepysleepy sheepy3 mesi fa
  • Buff as fucc

    Old Old NecromancerOld Old Necromancer3 mesi fa
  • Truly intimidating

    Spaghetti guySpaghetti guy3 mesi fa
  • Me: awe that’s cute :) The weather: no literally look outside-

    iam. ariiam. ari3 mesi fa
  • Eh doom guy already taught her

    Alexander LeAlexander Le4 mesi fa
  • И шо это было?

    Крестик CatКрестик Cat4 mesi fa
  • monkaS

    OrthussOrthuss4 mesi fa
  • Does this cute dog even have enemies?

    Иван КузнецовИван Кузнецов4 mesi fa
  • im glad im not one of her enemies

    Adam MollAdam Moll4 mesi fa
  • 10/10

    DarkveilfoxDarkveilfox4 mesi fa
  • Too Precius for this earth so addorible

    Dirpy Cat Kitty Meow MeowDirpy Cat Kitty Meow Meow4 mesi fa
    • @jon khristian levi ramiro well in some ways her un cannon relationship with doom guy

      Dirpy Cat Kitty Meow MeowDirpy Cat Kitty Meow Meow6 giorni fa
    • You this is cute, huh? This is other than "cute." this is something... Terrifying... And i can hear the heavy metal is slowly playing.

      jon khristian levi ramirojon khristian levi ramiro6 giorni fa
  • Doom Guy: Umm Isabelle... i think you sould do what you usually do... not this

    ·VX8··VX8·5 mesi fa
  • This is me at Monday's

    Spaghetti guySpaghetti guy6 mesi fa
  • Improved Ultra Instinct Isabelle

    Guy Emperor PlaysGuy Emperor Plays6 mesi fa
  • awwww this is so cute!~

    Huxley Alexandre SidariHuxley Alexandre Sidari6 mesi fa
  • why would isabelle have enemies!

    quarrentquarrent6 mesi fa
  • good stance. good precision. a bit of stumbling, but we can work on that. yeah, that's a good punch. 7.5/10

    Michael MillerMichael Miller6 mesi fa
  • Plot twist: She’s trying to call DoomSlayer

    Gojiboiearth 1964Gojiboiearth 19646 mesi fa
    • And yet she's gonna join him to smash: ultimate.

      jon khristian levi ramirojon khristian levi ramiro6 giorni fa
  • i will use isabelle as a fleshlight and make her have 39 puppies

    spongebob realspongebob real6 mesi fa
  • When she at doom with her friend:HEACK YEAH :at her home: *punch*

    _*Lazy moon!*__*Lazy moon!*_6 mesi fa
  • me after i see the cover: y e s me after: even better **puts on look and dance**

    Kitty SparklesKitty Sparkles6 mesi fa
  • then she gets a quadkill powerup

    Kevin GetzoffKevin Getzoff6 mesi fa
  • Then she looks at her side and there's doomguy giving a thumbs up.

    Claudio Urrutia AránguizClaudio Urrutia Aránguiz6 mesi fa
  • In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon...

    Lord SatanLord Satan6 mesi fa
    • And took a small step to balance

      DandyDoondinDandyDoondin6 mesi fa
  • thank you for making my day 5 times better

    Chris SchultzChris Schultz6 mesi fa
  • *Effortlessly snaps her non-existent fingers*

    HarbingerHarbinger6 mesi fa
  • Isabelle can summon the doom slayer as her stand

    MYSFER 10MYSFER 106 mesi fa
  • I feel bad for Isabelle,in the games,she always works and never gets a break.Atleast she gets small moments of free time to get a drink or hang out with doom guy.

    BIGweegeefanBIGBIGweegeefanBIG7 mesi fa
  • So cute

    Mar BearMar Bear7 mesi fa
    • And yet deadly...

      jon khristian levi ramirojon khristian levi ramiro6 giorni fa
  • The big storm is the Doom Slayer.

    lightmaster001lightmaster0017 mesi fa
  • She pulls out the DOOM eternal shotgun

    Yung FryYung Fry7 mesi fa
  • How it feels before you get the Blood Punch ability.

    ResecupssResecupss7 mesi fa
  • Why do I hear boss music?

    marcen12marcen127 mesi fa
  • Neither do they know, she's not talking about herself, but her best friend. And with him, lies our salvation. The inner circle of death is where he resides. The spear that stabs at the heart of her attackers and those that would seek to harm her should be warned. There is but one dominate life form in the universe and it carries a steel barreled sword of vengeance. All hail the coming of the Destroyer. The slayer's time is now.

    PerfectChaosZetaPerfectChaosZeta7 mesi fa
  • Me: ha ha ha ha😂😂😂 iesbale: rrrrrraaaaaaaa👿👿👿👿👿 me again: AAAAA😱😱😱😱😱😱AA

    TanyaTanya7 mesi fa
    • I have been drinking that meme

      TanyaTanya7 mesi fa
  • This is were it begin, *THE DOOMSLAYER.*

    Kazumi HigaKazumi Higa7 mesi fa
  • If y'all don't know the reference, look up "You could stop at five or six stores"

    Bingo The OooBingo The Ooo7 mesi fa
  • holy shit. those commercial audition videos were a riot. and with Isabelle? Perfection.

    turtledera haiturtledera hai8 mesi fa
  • Bring it on, little doggie.

    Geoff RedstonGeoff Redston8 mesi fa
  • when she stumbled... i felt that

    Darius PerladoDarius Perlado8 mesi fa
  • What's the game? Where does it come from? It's so beautiful

    Entièrement CreepyPastaEntièrement CreepyPasta8 mesi fa
  • Hey sub to my channel m.itworlds.info/round/lYOuZNtyj8uNmoQ/video

    Zyshaun KnoxZyshaun Knox8 mesi fa
  • I can Beat her in a fihter Mach

    the Vindicatorthe Vindicator8 mesi fa
  • this is so cute

    Eko PrasetioEko Prasetio8 mesi fa
  • this is just her training. her buffs for smash is on the way. ganondorf mains better beware

    VortexVortex8 mesi fa
  • To the whole entire Deviantart community

    CK124台灣蒸汽機CK124台灣蒸汽機8 mesi fa
  • Oh nooooo evil isabel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪

    Cindy RenteriaCindy Renteria8 mesi fa
  • Bring it on

    VillagerVillager8 mesi fa
  • just love it how she's tryin to be threatening even after stumbling... still cute

    epicsonic - Josh The Hedgehogepicsonic - Josh The Hedgehog8 mesi fa
  • *I feel so proud.*

    The DOOM SlayerThe DOOM Slayer8 mesi fa
    • Doom slayer?!?!? I'm glad I'm not the only one in the village it feels like a ghost town here well minus the ghost thats roaming around

      VillagerVillager8 mesi fa
  • Rip to the people who don’t know the original meme

    Juliët HopmanJuliët Hopman8 mesi fa
  • *hiyah!*

    Hurricane HD!Hurricane HD!8 mesi fa
  • I am intimidated

    Joel HuntingJoel Hunting8 mesi fa
  • *M E M E*

    eyangyangeyangyang9 mesi fa
  • One word. Cuteeeeee!!!!!

    GaminoXYZGaminoXYZ9 mesi fa
  • I am unaware as to why ive been reccomended this but.. but. IM HAPPY

    Legends1SoulLegends1Soul9 mesi fa
  • Doomslayer with a camera: *You doing Nice sweetie*

    Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar láSempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá9 mesi fa
  • This is why me and others are subscribed

    flamed_barsflamed_bars9 mesi fa
  • Aw

    LemonLemon9 mesi fa
  • that’s not how it goes, it goes *i don’t need friends, they disappoint me.*

    Ian Coloa VillatoroIan Coloa Villatoro9 mesi fa
  • E

    timontimon9 mesi fa
  • Put a link to this on my first Gacha life vid it’s on the pinned comment

    Nicola MccabeNicola Mccabe10 mesi fa
  • i dont need friends, they dissapoint me

    Logan LatiosLogan Latios10 mesi fa
  • Who knows,she my be one punch dog XD

    MuttsUncutMuttsUncut10 mesi fa
  • She don't need friends.

    kaptenlemperkaptenlemper10 mesi fa
  • I’m coming for her child

    ShafiqShafiq10 mesi fa
  • We aren't stand users so we can't see her stand D o o m s l a y e r

    kybi123kybi12310 mesi fa

    Kazz ProductionsKazz Productions10 mesi fa
  • that was wholesome

    Jojo BeanJojo Bean10 mesi fa
  • ...wat

    Gamer MasterGamer Master10 mesi fa
  • *I can see the statue of liberty*

    FulsoseFulsose11 mesi fa
  • Oooooo they better watch out if they don’t wanna mess with that 😰

    Mini ArtistMini Artist11 mesi fa
  • [Kevin] Can I join you Isabelle?

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki11 mesi fa
  • SCP 1$$483773-Class- Keter. It appears dog-like. And it seems to have a very jingly bell noise. Entering the containment will result in a warning from the entity, talking in a very fast paced tone, ending with it going in a oddly cartoony pose.

    DevinDevin11 mesi fa

    Moon LordMoon Lord11 mesi fa