"Made in Heaven" JJBA: Stone Ocean Concept Animation [SPOILERS]

20 mag 2020
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Just a quick concept piece I've been wanting to make for a while.
The battle against Pucci at the end of Stone Ocean has always been one of my favorites. The desperation from all the characters really shows through and its conclusion is quite shocking for a first time reader. More than that though, I've always enjoyed imagining how David Productions would handle their adaptation. The constantly shifting light source (the sun) could make for a visually remarkable and unique battle if they pull it off. This animation is just my attempt at visualizing how the dynamic lighting might be handled once the anime rolls around.

  • ur next line is: fine ll do my self them: fine ill do my sel- nani!!!

    Rykiel yujih GabrilloRykiel yujih Gabrillo3 ore fa
  • What if this was a sneak peek of the official one???

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  • 0:10

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  • Jolyne Mind : MA-MASTAKA??!?!?!?

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  • I don’t have the guts to go through the ending again

    Kiera EffendiKiera Effendi10 ore fa
  • loke so good tho

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  • QUeen reference

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  • If they actually end off the second to last episode like this. Anime fans will go wild

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  • Now DP gotta make made in heaven scene better than this

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  • S P E E D

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  • GER Bodies made in heaven change my mind

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  • now watch everybody skip to final episode right away

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  • Amazing animation

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  • 「これが『メイド・イン・ヘブン』だ」の方がよさそう

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  • Now I don’t have to wait for the fans to animate Stone Ocean

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  • ok,now I expect

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  • This is made in heaven

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  • am i the only one who thought that was annie from aot

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  • 0:10 maedo in heaven

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  • "mEd0 eN hEven"

    ihavethelongestnameonyoutubenahidiots YomamaGaePoopihavethelongestnameonyoutubenahidiots YomamaGaePoopGiorno fa
  • if the animation style actually looks like this im definitely gonna enjoy it

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  • 8 9

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  • Finally

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  • I wonder how long did this fucking take.

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  • Bruh is Made in heaven recording

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  • Does made in heaven stops time?

    KedishKedishGiorno fa
    • Ohhh

      KedishKedishGiorno fa
    • no its accelerate time

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  • this almost lok like female ttitan

    coolboss 535coolboss 535Giorno fa
  • Part 6 shall be ANIMATED BY FANBASE

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  • Im proud of my name

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  • At 0:09 -ish Pucci is probably still going around everywhere and that could possibly be his after image and when i imagine that i'm surprised how jolyne didn't shit herself yet

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  • UwU

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  • Oh its a spoiler [Made In Bruh]

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  • made in heaven go speeeeeeed

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  • Я: спрашиваю у бабушки где была сделана икона Бабушка:

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  • I like how it says spoilers when you probably have no idea what the hell made in heaven does

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  • If SO’s OPs get special changes or interruptions as the show progresses, I hope the MiH arc will have something similar to this

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  • Thumbnail looks like female titan

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  • Jojo fans in 2015: nothing is better then gold experience requiem lol. Jojo fans in 2021: OH SH-

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  • Honestly part six is criminally underrated

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  • now it's real lol

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  • i dont watch jojo, but im pretty sure made in heaven is the strongest stan in the jojo universe(?)

    David NoelDavid Noel2 giorni fa
    • Gold Experience Requiem and Wonder of U are strong contenders too.

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  • If only Giorno was there He would obiliterate Pucci

    White YakshaWhite Yaksha2 giorni fa
    • Only if he was in the battle with c-moon

      Marcos Rodríguez MuñozMarcos Rodríguez Muñoz2 giorni fa
    • Sons of Dio without Giorno... What a plothole.

      RipzMad:•RipzMad:•2 giorni fa
  • Wow this look so Epic

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  • Made in Heaven's true ability lets Pucci make his voice sound like he's talking in front of an electric fan

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  • You were late by two steps B)

    made in heavenmade in heaven2 giorni fa
  • Now the Wait is no More.. We are getting the Real Deal

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  • cool

    you got a friEND in ME pLeASeyou got a friEND in ME pLeASe2 giorni fa
  • Imagine made in heaven over heaven requiem

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  • やれやれだわ…

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  • when will the episodes come out

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  • omg 16 seconds of part 6 episode from araki :o

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  • POV: You're in sbr and you see a Mih

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    • But mih doesn't appears in sbr

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  • I am ready to be hurt again

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  • madiween haveng

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  • Bruh these jojo fan animations are setting the standard to high for the company thats actually gonna animate it like damn i know the anime aint gone look that good but its become my standard now an ima be real disappointed when i see the actual thing

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  • This scene seems very cool for the OP for part 6

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  • It’s confirmed lads and lasses.

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  • Time to fuck up space time

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  • Я это пересматриваю уже раз 30

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  • I'm gonna cry so hard when it happens in the Anime.

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  • Is it just me or does jolyne has juge honkadonkas here

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  • It appears like an opening.

    VitinnãVitinnã3 giorni fa
  • пиздато

    Илья КоноваловИлья Коновалов3 giorni fa
    • Согласен

      Artur SuqiasyanArtur Suqiasyan2 giorni fa
  • When ger didn't use reset to zero during uni reseet

    A dude who likes To ruin ur lifeA dude who likes To ruin ur life3 giorni fa
    • It was not really something that was threatening Giorno.

      RipzMad:•RipzMad:•2 giorni fa
    • Ha can't

      Marcos Rodríguez MuñozMarcos Rodríguez Muñoz3 giorni fa
  • Honestly this will look so much better than the anime, your designs are super on point.

    Seiji IkariSeiji Ikari3 giorni fa
  • I Hope they will use this Sound effect

    P a n n YP a n n Y3 giorni fa
  • bruh they didnt even need a voicechanger the voice actor just spoke through a fan XD

    NeonBluuNeonBluu3 giorni fa
  • When the camera zoomed in on her eyes, she kind of looked like the female titan.

    JoseLopez64JoseLopez643 giorni fa
  • 0:11 don't you hate it when you accidentally "mado in hebun"?

    Bruno BucciaratiBruno Bucciarati3 giorni fa
  • Annnnd I’m subscribed

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  • thanks for the chills lol

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  • They really nerfed Jotaro by giving him a child😔

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  • Hope y'all ready for the best part of the original JoJo universe

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  • This hits different after reading the manga

    ıllıllı sεв v ıllıllııllıllı sεв v ıllıllı3 giorni fa
  • Rest easy king, David productions is already on it

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  • Нихрена

    PobizPobiz3 giorni fa
  • You know what I’m going to say A STEP CLOSER TO HEAVEN

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  • they shouldve skipped to steel ball, i dont want to see jotaro die!

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  • "Made in china"

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  • I bet, this animation would be better than it will be in the official series :(

    Kurt RozentaunKurt Rozentaun4 giorni fa
  • make anime

    Bizzare patrickBizzare patrick4 giorni fa
  • Just wondering if pucci’s time flows so fast, his voice will be super high.

    chuan _chuan _4 giorni fa
  • That “made in heaven” makes me feel like jfkensomenelfmfnfpfpdmanapfpfndn

    MarciMarci4 giorni fa
  • Maid in Heaven

    Kenny PalmaresKenny Palmares4 giorni fa
  • Shit is actually terrifying

    Tokinada TsunayashiroTokinada Tsunayashiro4 giorni fa
  • I hope when Part 6 concludes people understand how it actually has a happy ending. A lot of people don't get it and I am excited for them to learn.

    RaiseAsatoRaiseAsato4 giorni fa

    Dakota WilkinsDakota Wilkins4 giorni fa
  • 0:00

    Impulsive XDImpulsive XD4 giorni fa
  • When you get made in heavened into SO finally being announced

    Christian ChavezChristian Chavez4 giorni fa
  • *Madeu in Heaven!*

    HyacinthHyacinth4 giorni fa
  • Stg if they make this the made in heaven introduction I will actually make a cum tribute.

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  • Oh fuck , CGI !

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  • yum

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