"Visitors" - [SFM Short]

29 mag 2016
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This is just a quick test animation I made for school. It utilizes a "1-bit" shading scheme giving the piece an overall gritty theme.

  • It's a crime this only has 11k views

    RandomalisticRandomalistic3 mesi fa
  • that it's great. I had never seen this style before, that's very good.

    VtmgllVtmgll4 mesi fa
  • Strong Junji Ito vibes, LOVE IT!!

    Jack GrundellJack Grundell6 mesi fa
  • This reminds me of that old Garrys Mod clip where a distorted multi-headed g-man follows the player, constantly saying "you need me". itworlds.info/round/hXSqlLuQb7GEnKo/video&ab_channel=Jimbomcb

    The Scandinavian Gaming ChannelThe Scandinavian Gaming Channel6 mesi fa
  • i have never seen someone encapsulate the fear and existential dread is that is brought by the unknown so well, actually shit my pants watching ur video

    massimo criscuolomassimo criscuolo7 mesi fa
  • Phenomenal work, I’ve never seen such an unsettling SFM before let alone one with such and interesting black and white grainy style to it! Now my thoughts on what the story is, I think it’s a monster that wakes up this guy makes him a part of the monster and then goes to another demension or something and does it again. Edit: I wanna add that the experience changes for me depending on the quality of the pixels, Like for example 480p is so much more disturbing bc it’s more grainy and hard to see, And 1080p is more visually appealing! The 1bit gritty feel to it really makes the experience terrifying!

    Astro DevAstro Dev8 mesi fa
  • This is by far my favorite short by you, not saying that the others are bad. But in my opinion, this outclassed all of them. From the audio design to the use of dots bad camera quality, it’s so unsettling. That’s why I love it

    StillchillTheOneStillchillTheOne8 mesi fa
  • Страшно? Да обосратся

    Мъихаил ЛукъачевскийМъихаил Лукъачевский8 mesi fa
  • im getting nosforatu vibes

    bearbear8 mesi fa
  • Obra Din vibes

    kaptenlemperkaptenlemper10 mesi fa
  • 0:52 hi G man

    я немного перебраля немного перебрал10 mesi fa
  • This is some junji ito shit

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    Kazz ProductionsKazz Productions10 mesi fa
  • Yo this would be good for Corkyxkenshin spookyscarysunday

    GungGingGahGungGingGah10 mesi fa
  • getting obra dinn vibes from this one

    Vishrut Shankar ShuklaVishrut Shankar Shukla11 mesi fa
    • and I'm all for it

      Vishrut Shankar ShuklaVishrut Shankar Shukla11 mesi fa
  • the monsters quite remind me of the ones you'd find in LISA

    King of CakesKing of Cakes11 mesi fa
  • this that fallout 2 graphic

    ben bundidsilpben bundidsilp11 mesi fa
  • huh... it looks like R33MIX had a kid... Sweet...

    jojohernandezGamesjojohernandezGames11 mesi fa
  • The boys and I have come to retrieve a can of baked beans. if you would please relinquish the protein rich substance we will be on our way

    Stabo CraboStabo Crabo11 mesi fa
  • Oh no... It's KrasniyB all over again

    LobotomiteLobotomiteAnno fa

    Ashleigh ChoiAshleigh ChoiAnno fa
  • Another channel: "This video was found in dark web, no one know who made it, some say it was made by a serial killer's victim."

    Can LongCan LongAnno fa
    • Bro it’s a joke

      Astro DevAstro Dev8 mesi fa
    • Link?

      Starshine GhostStarshine Ghost9 mesi fa
  • All he had to say was hi

    A Normal ChannelA Normal ChannelAnno fa
  • woah, this is really good. Damn, it's creepy, also came from that isabelle and doomguy animation

    Kalapoike DeviereKalapoike DeviereAnno fa
  • I found it funny somehow idk it just feels like I select the wjole character and move them lol

    Ace AnimationsAce AnimationsAnno fa
    • Same

      F2pF2p8 mesi fa
  • Great Job on 6.66k subs!

    TheGmod101TheGmod101Anno fa
  • Make a psychological horror animation! This is amazing!

    GarrickGSNGarrickGSNAnno fa
    • GSN194 Aka Garrick I would pay to watch a full length film from him

      Maverick AMaverick AAnno fa
  • I am incredibly uncomfortable watching this. Good job. Came here from the Slayer and his best friend Isabelle, you have earned yourself a sub.

    Joshua BrewerJoshua BrewerAnno fa
  • 3 years ago huh?

    The last oneThe last oneAnno fa
    • Uploads aren't very frequent, which is a shame

      Max FatMax FatAnno fa
  • Oms your animation is so gosh damn smooth I can't even

    Jasper WatchJasper WatchAnno fa
  • Masterpiece

    armageddon counterpartarmageddon counterpartAnno fa
  • you need need me

    Beam112Beam112Anno fa
    • Lmao I thought of that too!!

      small cheese breadsmall cheese breadAnno fa
  • Watch this at 144p

    mineyourbrains \{•-•}/mineyourbrains \{•-•}/Anno fa
    • makes it look like a 90s fmv

      Gabriel GoberGabriel GoberAnno fa