[Fringe Festival] "Brother Wang and Brother Liu Tour the Multiverse"

14 mar 2014
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**Video contains flashing lights.**
Submission for the UO's "Fringe Festival."
Video used: "Brother Wang and Brother Liu Tour Taiwan"

"Wang ge Liu ge you Tai Wan" (original title)
Audio used: All audio was either made or purchased and royalty free.

"World renowned inventors and lifelong best friends Brother Wang and Brother Liu have just created their most ambitious invention yet. A multiverse traveling rickshaw! Already well established in the 1950's science community, the brothers have now decided to try and prove M-Theory. Will their latest contraption work as planned? Only one way to find out."
Creation process:
Several of the visuals used throughout this remix (during the teleportation scene) were created by corrupting files. This was done one of two ways. The first was to initially stitch together a video and subsequently import it into the free audio editing software "Audacity" as raw data. Thereafter, the raw data would be edited by applying audio specific effects to it. This process is essentially hit-and-miss as editing the wrong part of the file would corrupt it beyond re-use. The trick was to corrupt the file to the point just before the data became unrecoverable. After this, the audio would be re-exported back into an .AVI file.
Often after this, further compositing would be done with other edited clips that included a specific foreground image (e.g. the scene with Brother Wang coming out of his own mouth over and over again). Later, the video would be exported again and imported into a software called "Avidemux." In this software, the videos "P-frames" would be removed. P-frames are essentially the frames that occur just as one scene transitions into another. Removing these frames confuses the codec and results in the "smearing" effect between scenes. The finished product would be subsequently exported again. Any further edits would either be to simply add motion blur or color correction and movement.

  • Woah..Didnt expect that..

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  • this is so strange i luv it

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  • I love everything about this

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  • 100% should've won.

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